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We Bare Bovids Poster.png

NatureRules1's TV spoof of We Bare Bears


  • American Bison (Bison bison) as Grizz
  • African Cape Buffalo (Scynecerus caffer caffer) as Ice Bear
  • Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus arnee) as Panda
  • Blossom (PPG) as Chloe Park
  • Star Butterfly (SVTFOE) as Lucy
  • Domestic Cattle (Bos taurus) as Nom Nom
  • Domestic Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) as Charlie
  • Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) as Hamster
  • North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) as Seal
  • Northwestern Wolves (Canis lupus occidentalis) as Wolves (same species reference)
  • Raven (TTG) as News Reporter Woman
  • Professor Utorium (PPG) as Mr. Park
  • Mrs. Keane (PPG) as Mrs. Park
  • Garnet (SU) as Ranger Tabes
  • American Bison calf (Bison bison) as Baby Grizz
  • African Cape Buffalo calf (Scynecerus caffer caffer) as Baby Ice Bear
  • Wild Water Buffalo calf (Bubalus arnee) as Baby Panda