Weird Monster Thingy is a fusion between Horrid Henry, Chudd Chudders, The Earl, Candace & Mr. Twig.

Weird Monster Thingy


Weird Monster Thingy has a long reddish-orange hair with a light pink bowtie, a small white diamond-star and a yellow hat. They have four eyes. One on the top has blue irises and wears glasses. Underneath, the eyes doesn't have irises. They have a bright pointy nose, two mouths and a large ear on the left. They wear a ripped blue shirt with a thick yellow belt that combines with a cardigan and a dark pink pocket with a lime triangular-shaped tissue. One on the right has a dark blue arm-sleeve and one on the left does not have a sleeve. Instead they have a purple armbands with a letter "M" in it. They have a stick near the left shoulder and has a ripped red skirt with five white thin lines and a large blowhole. Their skin is dark green and they have large tentacles.


Weird Monster Thingy is a scary, horrid, smart, bratty and paranoid fusion monster who dislikes people and likes eating animals for dinner. They are very hostile and very strong.


Unique Abilities

  • Slime Manipulation: Weird Monster Thingy possesses the power of slime.
  • Shape-Shifting: Weird Monster Thingy's main ability is to shapeshift into objects, animals or even monsters.
  • Levitate: They have an ability to levitate.
  • Night Vision: Weird Monster Thingy has an ability to see pitch black.
  • Enhanced Speed: They have an ability to run fast indefinitely.
  • Nightmare Manipulation: Weird Monster Thingy's main ability is to possess people into dreams and turning into nightmares.
  • Telekinesis: Weird Monster Thingy's ability is to control objects with their mind.
  • Grass Mimicry: They have an ability to transform bodies into grass.


  • Weird Monster Thingy is the only fusion to have crossover characters from other TV shows.
  • It can be seen in bonus features.
  • The way that Weird Monster Thingy destroys the city and make noises is quite similar to the film: Godzilla and other Kaiju films. Also it's a reference to Titans from Attack on Titan.
  • Weird Monster Thingy likes eating junk food and animals.
  • It reveals that Weird Monster Thingy is very smart and competitive although they are quite unstable.
  • Weird Monster Thingy is the strongest monster fusion in Almandine 2018: The Power of Ice/Souls.
  • It's unknown if Weird Monster Thingy was an Elite Monster.
  • They way that Weird Monster Thingy traps animals into slime and eats them is similar to Whelks from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Along with Noram, they are very annoying and scary too.


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