Movie From Cartoonafroman92 that is a parody of We're back a dinosaur's story

Applejack (Equestria Girls) as Rex

Sonata Dusk (Equestria Girls) as Dweeb

Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls) as Elsa

Pinkie Pie (Equestria Girls) as Woog

Were Back an Equestria Girl's Story Poster

Professor Oak (Pokemon) as Captain Neweyes

Powered Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls Z) as Professor Screweyes

Octavia (Equestria Girls) as Professor Screweye's sidekick

Toaster (Brave Little Toaster, With Extra Blanky) as Louie

Tinselina (Brave Little Toaster) as Cecilia

Peter Griffin (Family Guy) as Stubbs the Clown

Spike (Friendship is Magic) as Vorb

Toons (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as New York City People

Vinyl Scratch (Equestria Girls) as Balloon Dinosaur

​Bonus YTP Characters

Mario Sonic the Eds and Friends watches We're Back an Equestria Girls Story


Applejack as Rex

Sonata Dusk as Dweeb

Pinkie Pie as Woog

Twilight Sparkle as Elsa

Professor Oak as Captain Neweyes

Toaster as Louie

With Blanky as Extra

Tinselina as Cecilia

Powered Buttercup as Professor Screweyes

Octavia as Professor Screweye's Sidekick

Fuzzy Lumpkin,

The Dexters,

The Mandarks,

and The Gang Green Gang as Professor Screweye's Minions

Peter Griffin as Stubbs the Clown

Spike as Vorb

Nurse Joy as Dr. Bleeb

Helga as Monster Rex

Aria Blaze as Monster Dweeb

Adagio Dazzle as Monster Woog

Sunset Shimmer as Monster Elsa

Toons as People from New York City

Pig Cops as New York City Police Department

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