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Here is what Thomas and Friends should look in Casey Jr and Friends form.


  • Thomas as Casey Jr (Train Form)
  • Duck as Toots (Train Form)
  • Emily as Tillie (Train Form)
  • Toby as Jebidiah (Train Form)
  • Edward as Toyland Express (Train Form)
  • Stephen as Basil (Train Form)
  • Harvey as Timothy (Train Form)
  • Charlie as Jones (Train Form)
  • Lady as Tracy (Train Form)
  • Salty as Wilson (Train Form)
  • Rosie as Emma (Train Form)
  • Oliver as Ivor (Train Form)
  • Gordon as Montana (Train Form)
  • Old Slow Coach as Katy Caboose (Train Form)
  • Bill as Pufle (Train Form)
  • Skarloey as Tom Jerry (Train Form)
  • Hank as Alfred (Train Form)
  • Mavis as Melissa (Train Form)
  • Ferdinand as Johnny (Train Form)
  • Douglas as Huey (Train Form)
  • Donald as Blue (Train Form)
  • Molly as Georgia (Train Form)
  • Murdoch as Pete (Train Form)
  • Ben as Scotty (Train Form)
  • Belle as Bahia Train (Train Form)
  • Etienne as Big Tim (Train Form)
  • Gina as Bonnie (Train Form)
  • Dash as Jason (Train Form)
  • Axel as Sir Reginald (Train Form)
  • Rajiv as Chugs (Train Form)
  • Carlos as Jimmy (Train Form)
  • Raul as Yaemon (Train Form)
  • Shane as Sasha (Train Form)
  • Stepney as Linus (Train Form)
  • Henry as Rustee Rails (Train Form)
  • Frieda as Olwin (Train Form)
  • Diesel 10 as Cerberus (Train Form)
  • Annie, Thomas's Special Coach, Dismissing Coach, Clarabel, and Caboose as Casey Jr's Coaches (Coach Form)
  • Mail Cars as Toots's Boxcars (Boxcar Form)
  • Caboose as Toots's Caboose (Caboose Form)
  • Coal Car, Emily's Coaches, and Slate Car as The Birthday Train Cars (Coach Form)
  • Milk Wagons as Jebidiah's Milk Wagons (Milk Wagon Form)
  • Green and Yellow Coach, Red Coach, and Caboose as Toyland Express's Coaches and Caboose
  • Boxcar, Tan Coach, Red Coach, Flatcar, and Caboose Timothy's Circus Car, Coaches, Flatcar, and Caboose
  • Freight Cars as Train Cars
  • Various Trucks as Ivor's Freight Cars
  • Green and Yellow Coach, Tan Coach, Red Coach, and Brown and White Coach as Ivor's Coaches
  • China Clay Cars as Tootle's Cars
  • Red Express Coach as Alfred's Coach
  • Sodor Mail Car as Johnny's Mail Car and Caboose
  • Freight Cars and Caboose
  • Boxcar, Flatcar, and Cattle Car as Pete's Freight Cars
  • Tan Branchline Coaches as Scotty's Coaches
  • Boxcar, Salt Wagon, Coal Car, Cattle Car, and Caboose as Bahia Train's Train Cars
  • Various Foolish Freight Cars as Train Cars and Cabooses
  • Red Coach, Milk Wagon, Boxcar, Stone Car, and Caboose as Bonnie's Train Cars
  • Tan Coach, Boxcar, and Caboose as Jason's Train Cars (Back to the Klondike)
  • Various Express Coaches as Sir Reginald's Coaches (Madeline)
  • Other Various Express Coaches as Jimmy's Coaches (Pucca: Choo Choo Trouble) as Themselves
  • Green and Yellow Coaches, Red Coaches, and Tan Coaches as Sasha's Coaches (The Little Steam Engine From Daisyland) as Themselves
  • Various Train Cars as The Train Cars

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