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She is the Main Villain in Niko and the Way to the Stars 2

She Plays Queen Gnorga in A German Shepard In Central Park

She is Queen of the Trolls

She Plays Sly Moore in Animation Star Wars

She Plays Ursala in The Little Red Fox

She is a Sea Witch

She Plays Morgana in The Little Saber 2: Return to the Sea

She is a Ursala's Crazy Sister

She Plays Brainy Barker in Black Wolf the Super Evil Wolf

She is a Afghan

She Plays Madame Zelda in The Dragon Princess 3: The Mystery of The Enchanted Kingdom

She is Rothbart's Former Lover

She Plays Mrs. Toad in Aleulina

She is a Toad

She Plays Belladonna in All Wolves go to Heaven: A Christmas Carol (Princekodi Animal Style) and All Wolves go to Heaven TV Series (PrinceKodi Animal Style)

She is a Demon Dog

She Plays One of the Three Fates in Orinocules

She is a goddess who is the Fate of the Present

She Plays Metal in Kodito 1.5

She is Steele's Sister, Belladonna's Sister in Law and Gmork's Aunt


  • Husband- Bounder
  • Brother- Black Wolf
  • Niece- Belladonna
  • Nephews- Roscoe and DeSoto


  • Kodi and Dusty
  • Humphrey and Kate
  • Balto and Jenna
  • Grey and Bianca
  • Aleu and Classified