SpongeBob in Love

SpongeBob SquarePants as Gonzo

Bonnie Bunny

Bonnie as Fozzie Bear

Bodi is a hero

Bodi as Kermit The Frog

Darma says idea

Darma as Miss Piggy

SML Jeffy

Jeffy as Scooter

The Black Beet

Shadowborg as Hooded Killer

Bob Parr in The Incredibles 2

Mr. Incredible as Dr. Busen Honeydew

Homer Simpson eats a donut

Homer Simpson as Dr. Teeth

Angus Scattergood

Angus Scattergood as Lew Zealand

Captain McCrea

Captain as Swedish Chef


Steve Rogers/Captain America as Steve Martin

Donald and Douglas

Donald and Douglas as Statler and Waldorf


Nick Wilde as Animal

2094646-wendy darling disney females 23125746 640 427

Wendy Darling as Skeeter


Anais as Camilla The Chicken

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