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Who's Who on the Choo Choo? (a.k.a. All Aboard for Sharing) is the 16th episode of Season 3 of Alvin & Friends.


Alvin SevilleSimon SevilleTheodore SevilleBrittany MillerJeanette MillerEleanor Miller and their friends keep on hearing trains passing through the playground but they can't seem to get outside to see them. Selena stops by to tell the story of "The Little Blue Engine That Could".


Song List

  1. Alvin Theme Song
  2. What I Want to Be
  3. The Marching Song
  4. Little Red Caboose
  5. Have a Snack
  6. The Angelica Pickles Hop
  7. Down by the Station
  8. I've Been Working on the Railroad (Barney & The Wee Sing Train Mixed)
  9. The Wee Sing Train Medley
  10. I Love You