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She is a old woman from The Fox and the Hound

As Muriel in Tod the Cowardly Fox

As Aunt Nora Sheperd in Jumanji (Superdisneyfan15 Style)

As Tobey's Mother in Jeff and Peter

As Pearl Gesner in Home on the Range (TheCityMaker Style)

As Bunty in Human Run

As Mommo in The Witch Bully

As Rachel Waltrip in Cody in New York

As Bridget the Witch in The Hen Princess

As Mrs. Warden in Derek and Anario

As Moana's Grandmother in Rapunzel (Moana)

As Mrs. Judson in The Great Nerd Detective

As Madame Coco La Fontaine in The Art of Love (1965) (Vinhchaule style)

As Claudette in The Room (Jean-Claude Style)

She is Lisa's Mother

As Nanny Plum in Tod and Vixey's Little Kingdom

As Virginia Hill in Amos Slade (Bugsy)

As Dawn in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (robe style)