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The Wolves are minor antagonists from Disney's 2013 animated feature film Frozen.


These wolves are shown to be inhabitants of the forest that is located outside of the capital village of Arendelle.

They are seen stalking Anna, Kristoff, and Sven while on a journey to find Anna's sister Elsa. Once Kristoff notices them, the trio begin rushing off and the wolves chase after the group immediately. Kristoff and Anna are able to fight them off, though they nearly succeed in devouring Kristoff. Fortunately, a cliff is in the distance, which the trio are able to jump across, thereby saving themselves from the pack. The wolves are not seen for the rest of the film.

Wolves played The Wolves in Beauty and the Duck

She is a wolves.

Wolves played the Hyenas in The Tiger King Trilogy

They' are a hyenas.

Wolves played Hunter Dogs in Jiminy (Bambi)

She is a dogs.

Wolves played Yellow Soldier Toys in Made Up Colored Childhood Story

They are broken soldiers