Woofster's Birthday is a Woofster's Clues VHS tape featuring an extended/edited half-an-hour version of the Season 2 episode of the same name. It is edited to feature extended/edited scenes that are neither seen on TV, nor on any other release of the episode.

Episode Featured


  1. Sesame Street: Follow That Bird Teaser Trailer
  2. Woofster's Clues VHS Trailer (Woofster's Birthday, Arts and Crafts and Story Time)
  3. PBS Kids VHS Trailer (Song)
  4. Paramount Means Family Entertainment VHS Trailer
  5. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  6. Paramount Home Video
  7. PBS Kids Dash Bumper
  8. Hooper Loves Birthdays (Woofster's Clues version)
  9. The Birthday Candle Dance (featuring Super Why and kids from inside a live action living room)
  10. "Woofster's Birthday"
  11. The Mystery Present
  12. Woofster's Clues Credits ("Woofster's Birthday")
  13. Hooper Sings a Very, Very Short Goodbye Song
  14. PBS Kids Dot Bumper
  15. Paramount Home Video

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