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Wunschpunsch 2000 2020

The main casts of Wunschpunsch (from L-R) Maurizio (reffered by other countries as Mauricio) Di Mauro and Jakob (reffered by other countries as Jacob) Scribble

Wunschpunsch is a French/Canadian animated series for children, inspired by the German novel The Night of Wishes by Michael Ende.


In every episode, a wizard named Bubonic and his aunt, a witch named Tyrannia, must wreak havoc on the city in which they live or suffer a severe punishment from their supervisor, Maledictus T. Maggot. To be able to do so, they use an ancient magical parchment that, once utilized to activate a spell, said spell must be reversed within the next seven hours; otherwise, its effects will become permanent and irreversible. To make sure the spells are reversed, Bubonic's and Tyrannia's pets, Mauricio di Mauro and Jacob Scribble, must seek out Aunt Noah, an old turtle at the local zoo and head of the Animal Council, for a riddle on how to reverse the spell, which they usually manage to do in the nick of time. One of the episodes, Night of Wishes, is particularly inspired by the book. In that episode, the animals foil the spell by dropping a bell sound into the potion cauldron and Maledictus Maggot punishes Bubonic and Tyrannia for the foiled spell by attaching their homes, forcing them to live together. Unlike the other known punishments that never last enough to be seen in later episodes, this one seems to be permanent and has lasted at least five years (the animals recall it has been five years since it happened). Bubonic and Tyrannia are so clumsy that some of their spells bring trouble to themselves, and when the spells are undone, they feel a temporary relief that quickly ends when Maggot shows up to punish them for their failure.

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  • : A chubby cat with a large appetite. He likes to brag about his lineage, which goes back to medieval/Venetian times. He is Bubonic's pet. He is eager and happy-go-lucky, but he's much smarter than he seems. He carries around with him a small red pocket watch, which he uses to keep track of how long he and Jacob have left until each spell is permanent. He is originally voiced by Rick Jones. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Ray Ray Lee from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee for the first season, and Phillip "Phil" DeVille from Rugrats: All Grown Up for the second season.
  • : Tyrannia's pet, a stocky old raven frequently complaining about his rheumatism. He can be uptight, sarcastic, arrogant and proud, but he's good at heart and he genuinely loves and cares for Mauricio. He is something of a womaniser despite his plain appearance and is implied to be a two-timer. He is originally voiced by Harry Hill. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Brock from Pokémon in the first season only (later left the series to focus on another project he's taking care of), and Ray Ray Lee from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee for the second season (which apparently voiced Maurizio in the first season before Phil DeVille took over).
  • : An old cranky wizard. He likes to keep things traditional, refraining himself from using modern technology. He fits into the stereotypical view of an old medieval wizard living in a derelict tower. His hobbies include playing his cello and gardening, but as expected from an evil wizard, his garden is full of dangerous flesh eating plants. He is originally voiced by Rick Jones. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Felonius Gru from Despicable Me Movie.
  • : Bubonic's aunt. Despite being older than her nephew, Tyrannia embraces modern technology and fashion, to the point of calling Bubonic an old fashioned relic. Much to Bubonic's annoyance, she also likes loud music. She wears a different outfit (and sometimes hairstyle/color) in every episode). She is originally voiced by Kathleen Fee. In Rotten Seeds Production, she was voiced by Lucy Wilde-Gru from Despicable Me Movie
  • : The supervisor of the two wizards, a very powerful wizard himself and the main antagonist of the series. Maggot looks like a combination between a humanoid bug and amphibian. At the start of almost every episode he appears before the wizards and reminds them they need to cast an evil curse on the city or the consequences will be nasty. Naturally, due to the interference of two protagonists (Mauricio and Jacob), their curse fails, causing Maggot to punish the wizards, usually turning them into something related to the curse of the episode. Despite the fact that he's evil and grumpy, he is happily married. He is originally voiced by Vlasta Vrana. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Daddo Hugglemonster from Henry Hugglemonster
  • : A wise old tortoise living in the Megalopolis Zoo. She assists Mauricio and Jacob by giving advice on how to break the curse, always in the form of a riddle. She has some magical abilities of her own, such as in "Life With Maggot" when she visit Mauricio and Jacob in a dream. Although she is not from the original novel, she is inspired by other turtles and tortoises from Ende's works such as Morla from The Neverending Story and Cassiopeia from Momo. She is originally voiced by Joanna Noyes. In Rotten Seeds Production, she was voiced by Madame Foster from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
  • The Cozy family: The neighbors of the wizards. Mauricio is on good terms with their son Kip. They are also seen in most episodes to show the effects of the wizards' newest curse. In Rotten Seeds Production, Mrs. Cozy was voiced by Miyako (Yolei) Inoue (Digimon Adventure 02), Mr. Cozy was voiced by Yamato (Matt) Ishida (Digimon Adventure), Kelly was voiced by Izumi (Zoe) Orimoto (Digimon Frontier), and Kip Cozy was voiced by Jenrya (Henry) Wong (Digimon Tamers).
  • Mayor Plaga: The mayor of Megalopolis, a typical self-centered politician. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Mr. Herriman from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • Chief Hydrant: The local firefighter who has a bitter rivalry with the Mayor. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Mr. Eugene Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Barbara Blabber: The local news reporter who is full of herself. Bubonic is attracted to her. In Rotten Seeds Production, she was voiced by Ran Mouri (Rachel Moore) from Case Closed.
  • The animal council: A lioness, goat, pig and monkey who are Auntie Noah's subordinates. In Rotten Seeds Production, (Lioness) voiced by Suzie Carmichael (Rugrats: All Grown Up), (Monkey) voiced by Sheen Estevez (Planet Sheen), (Goat) voiced by Suzie Long (American Dragon), and (Monkey) voiced by Carl Foutley (As Told By Ginger)
  • Meathead: Bubonic's pet carnivorous plant. In Rotten Seeds Production, it was voiced by James from Pokémon.
  • Oak Foot: Chief Hydrant's pet dog. He sometimes helps Mauricio and Jacob on their missions. In Rotten Seeds Production, he was voiced by Whisper from Yo-kai Watch.
  • Mrs. Maggot: Maggot's wife. She loves and cares for her husband, and although she's not evil like him, she gently bosses him around. In Rotten Seeds Production, she was voiced by Momma Hugglemonster from Henry Hugglemonster.

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