A parody of Fox 's X Men in honour of the New Mutants.

X Mares

  • Rainbow dash as James " Wolverine" Logan
  • Twilight Sparkle as Scott " Cyclops" Summers
  • Applejack as Obro " Storm" Munroe
  • Fluttershy as Marie " Rogue"
  • Principal Celestia as Charles"Proffesor X"


  • Discord as Bobby " Iceman "Drake Iceman
  • Rarity as Jean grey
  • Unikitty as Kitty Prude/ Shadowcat
  • Dexter charming as Hank Myloy
  • Ijo Suatukala 2 as Beast
  • Spike the Dragon as Nightcrawler
  • Pinkie pie as julibee
  • Starlight Glimmer as Angel
  • Rex( Animal Mechanicals )as Negasonic teenage warhead
  • Unicorn ( Animal Mechanicals )as Yukio


  • Principal Clinch as Erik "Magneto" Lendenser
  • Raven queen as Raven "Mystique" Darkholme

( mutant)

    • Sunset shimmer as mystique ( human)
  • Trixie as Victor "Sabertooth" Creed
  • Jack Frost as Pyro

Loki (Deadpool)

  • Loki ( MCU) as revised timeline version of Wade Wilson/ Deadpool
  • Natasha "Black Widow"Romaunff as Vanessa
  • Johann/ Red Skull as Francis Freeman
  • Hela as Angel Dust
  • Scott "Ant Man" Lang as Weasel
  • Clint "Hawkeye" Barton as Dophinder
  • Frigga as Blind Al
  • Bucky/ Winter Soldier as Cable
  • Hope Van Dyne as Domino


  • King Sombra as Sebastian Shaw
  • Queen chrysalis as Emma Frost
  • Lord Triek as Azarel
  • Storm King as Riptide


  • Milton Grimm as Senator Kelly
  • Chancellor Neighsay as Trask
  • Ralphie the fire king and Elsa as Iceman's parents
  • Gabriel Agreste as Willam Stryker
  • Natalie Spancauer as Lady Dealthstrike
  • Rainbow Star as Laura / X_23
  • Dr Robotnik as Bolovar Trask
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