She is the Main Villain in Aliens

She Played the Hydra in Chris-cules

She is a Legendary Monster

She Played Queen Tuya in the Knight of Eygpt

She is the Wife of a Pharoh

She Played Snake Jafar in Danladdin

She is a Socerrer who Turned into a Snake

She Played King Candy [Cybug] in Wreck it ALF

She is a Cybug

She Played Heinrich in Skippy's Bad Fur Day

She Played The Great Stone Jaguar in Alf and Garret's Road to El Derado

She is a Stone Creature

She Played the Queen as a Hag in Kally White and the Seven Melmacians

She is a Hag

She Played Ursula in the Little Mer-Russian Princess

She is a Sea Witch


  • In Raptors the Alien Queen is Played by Ruby
  • In Lions the Alien Queen is Played by Zira
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