Yellow Kirby

Yellow Kirby is Sunset Shimmer's housemate/pet. He can fly without puffing like his love interest Kirby.

Yellow Kirby played Gary in SunBob ShimmerPants, The SunBob ShimmerPants Movie and The SunBob Movie: Girl In Space

He is a snail.

Yellow Kirby played Dumbo in Yellow Kirby (Dumbo)

He is a flying elephant.

Yellow Kirby played Mr. Mumbles in Sunset Shimmer Vs.

He is a cat.

Yellow Kirby played Nana in Rintoo Pan

He is a dog.

Yellow Kirby played Abu in Rinladdin, Rinladdin: The Return of Shao Kahn, Rinladdin: The Queen of Thieves

He is a monkey.

Yellow Kirby played Phoenix in Prince of War 2

He is a phoenix.

Yellow Kirby played Epona in The Legend of Kai-Lan OoT

He is a horse.

Yellow Kirby played Tinker Bell in Sunset Shimmerek 1, 2

He is a fairy.

Yellow Kirby played Mr. Dragon in Ni Hao Pinkie Pie

He is a dragon.

Yellow Kirby played Nevins in The Twilight in the Hat

He is a dog.

Yellow Kirby played Tails in My Little Pony (Sonic) games.

Yellow Kirby played Shaggy Rogers in Sunset Doo 2: Villain Unleashed

Yellow Kirby played Roll in Sunset Shimmer Man games

He is a fighting robot.

Yellow Kirby played Aku Aku in Sunset Shimmer series

He is a tiki.

Yellow Kirby (with Kirby, Blue Kirby and their leader Sunset Shimmer) played  Ryu Hayabusa in Equestria Girl Gaiden

Yellow Kirby played Ariel in The Little Yellow Princess

He is a mermaid.

Yellow Kirby played Yamato in Sunsetnobi series

He is Shinobi's dog.

Yellow Kirby (with Pikachu, Kitty (Kimba the White Lion), Jenna, and Renamon) played Snow White in Pikachu, Kitty (Kimba the White Lion), Jenna, Renamon, and Yellow Kirby White and the 7 Drawves

He is a Princess.

Yellow Kirby played Tarzan in Yellow Kirbyzan

He is an ape man.

Yellow Kirby played Peter Pan in Yellow Kirby Pan

Yellow Kirby played Tinker Bell in Sunset Pan

Yellow Kirby played Aladdin in Yellow Kirbyladdin, Yellow Kirbyladdin: The Return of Marina, Yellow Kirbyladdin: The Queen of Thieves, Yellow Kirbyladdin (TV)

He is a Arabian prince.

Yellow Kirby played Elsa in Frozen (PrinceAdamRockz style)

Yellow Kirby (With Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus) played Quasimado in The HunchKirby of Notre Dame

Yellow Kirby (With Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn, Sunset Shimmer) played Vanellope in Wreck-It Sandy Cheeks

Yellow Kirby (With Kirby and Blue Kirby) played Krypto in Green and Red The Super Kirbys

Yellow Kirby played Annie (character) in Yellow Kirby (Annie 1999)

Yellow Kirby played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Kirby

Yellow Kirby played Rei Hino in Sailor Star Butterfly


Kirby - Girlfriend

Red Kirby - Friend

Sunset Shimmer - Owner

Lapis Lazuli - Aunt

Flip the Frog - Uncle

Pizza Steve - Adopted Father

Dopey (The 7D) - Cousin

Jean Grey - Aunt

Scott Summers - Uncle (Deceased)

Star Butterfly - Cousin, Friend

Wander - Cousin, Friend

Mabel Pines - Foster Sister

Dipper Pines - Foster Brother

Beeza - Cousin

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