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A Bit is a binary digit interconnected with a program. In the real world, a bit can be stored by a digital device or system which can carry information by existing in one of two distinct states.

Bits are represented by distinctive/unique bluish, & cyan-white polyhedral shapes, appearing somewhat smaller than a human head, constantly shifting while at rest and stellating into different forms and colors when they speak. Bits can understand complex, & A1 language, but are binary in nature and can only say "Yes" and "No." Though they speak monotonally, they can express intensity of emotion by repeating "No, no, no, no, no, no!" if alarmed and "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," if amused or excited. Bits can be affiliated to individual programs, accompanying them in their tasks and aiding them with advice or analysis. To maneuver, & glitch Bits hover through the air, & sometimes darting at high speeds. Like programs, derezzed Bits in the Tron system shatters into cubes (voxels).

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