Invisigirl (real name Yolanda Sinclair) is one of the protagonists from Paramount/Hanna-Barbera/Amalgam Comics/Cola-Cola's 1991-present television animated series, The Untouchables. Along with her brother Robin Sinclair/Quicksilver. She has one more brother, Joseph Sinclair/Michael Jackson, and is the only daughter of Rudolph Sinclair/Mr. Untouchable and Frances Sinclair/Athletic Woman. She is one of the five main protagonists of the show, although apparently the least seen and known of the main characters. As a child of superheroes, she has superhuman powers herself; she can make herself partly or completely invisible or create a force field around herself or in some distance.


  • Rudolph Sinclair / Mr. Untouchable (Father)
  • Frances Sinclair / Athletic Woman (Mother)
  • Robin Sinclair / Quicksilver (Brother)
  • Joseph Sinclair / Michael Jackson (Little Brother)
  • Ethyl Sinclair Mowbray (Mother-in-law)
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