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(Young) Copper is a the younger counterpart of Adult Copper from Walt Disney's 24th animated feature, The Fox and The Hound and its less successful 2006 direct-to-video midquel. In the franchise, he was voiced by Corey Feldman in the original film and later Harrison Fahn in the midquel.

Young Cooper.png

Played Kitster Banai in Animation Star Wars Episode I: The Furry Menace

He is a boy from Tatooine

Played Pinocchio In Coppernocchio

He is a puppet

Played Rajah Cub In Wartladdin

He is a tiger cub 

Played John Darling in Tiger Pan

He is a boy

Played Taran In The Black Cauldron SuperWhyMovies Animal Style

He is a Warrior

Played Berlioz In The Aristo-Dogs

He is a black kitten

Played Chip In Beauty and the Blue Dog

He is a cup

Played Young Kovu In The Wolf King 2: Humphrey's Pride

He is a lion cob

Played John Darling In Chip Pan

Played one of the Lost Boys in Bugs Pan

Played Sultan in Beauty and the Grizzly Bear

He is a Footstool

Played Buckwheat in The Little Rascals (animalized)

he is a He Man Woman Hater

Played Scamp In Darma And the Bodi 2: Copper’s Adventure