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Young Kiara is a Character in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Young Kiara Plays as Judy Sheperd in Jumanji (nikkdisneylover8390's animal style)

She is a Girl

Young Kiara Plays as Dinah in The Land Before Time

Young Kiara Played as Penny In The Rescuers (Baloo The BearFan Style)

She is a orphan girl

Young Kiara plays as Kitten Yzma in The Cat's New Groove

She is a kitten

Young Kiara Plays as Chaca in The Meerkat's New Groove

She is a little girl

Young Kiara plays as Melody in The Little Mer-Lioness II: Return to the Sea

She is Ariel's daughter

Young Kiara plays as Jane in Bambi Pan 2: Return to Neverland

She is Wendy's daughter

Young Kiara Plays as Anne Marie in All Mice Go To Heaven (Nikkdisneylover8390's version)

She is can Talking at Animals

Young Kiara Plays as Jasmine Bernstein in Danny and Simba (aka: Crash & Bernstein)

She is one of Wyatt's sisters

Young Kiara plays as Young Jill Young in Mighty Werehog Young

Young Kiara Plays as Sis Rabbit in Eric Hood and as Tagalong Rabbit In Fievel Hood

She is a rabbit

Young Kiara plays Young Mai in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

Young Kiara play annie brain pop

She is a Fire Nation Noble

Young Kiara play Giselle (Animated) in Enchanted (TheWildAnimal13 Style)

She is an animated princess

Young Kiara Play Nichole Daniels in Animal Park (MeggieConte)

She is a Little Girl


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