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Young Simba is a lion and is a younger counterpart of his adult counterpart from The Lion King.

He played Rod Redline in Boys 2 (Cars 2)

When a racing competition called the World Grand Prix is announced, some American secret agents discover that there is a secret oil reserve located in the Pacific Ocean, being run by a group of criminal cars called Lemons. To find out more information, Simba is sent to the oil reserve, bringing along a couple of gadgets such as a disguise that makes him look like a Gremlin. This completely fools the lemons, who reveal that they have made a machine that appears to be a standard television camera, but is said by Ludo to be "extremely dangerous". At the same time, British secret agent Megamind is hiding on one of the oil rigs and watching Ludp explaining about the camera. The lemons are also unable to notice Simba sometime later taking a picture of the mastermind's engine so that he can share it with Megamind and Jailbreak.

Rod soon travels with the lemons to Tokyo, where the opening ceremony of the World Grand Prix is being held. Megamind and his spy-agency counterpart Jailbreak learn that an American spy is at the party and their job is to intercept him and receive a package. When the lemons are not looking,Simba sneaks away and searches for a place where he can meet up with Megamind and Jailbreak to give them the photo of the mastermind. Going into a bathroom, Simba takes off his disguise and turns on his tracking beacon for Holley to follow. However, Leonard and Gallaxthar find him first, and start a battle, where Rod tries to use his claws at Gallaxthar, but both Gallaxthar and Leonard dodge his tactics, and severely damage his bodywork. Just as Gallaxthar attempts to hit him one last time, he runs into the door of a toilet stall, where Gene comes out after experiencing the features of the Japanese toilets. Neither he, Leonard nor Gallaxthar are able to notice Simba placing a device carrying the photo onto Gene's undercarriage, and Gene is immediately asked by Leonard and Gallaxthar to leave. As Simba's tracking beacon is also located on the device, it leads to Megatron and Jailbreak both thinking Gene is the agent meant to meet them.

The moment Gene leaves, Simba finds himself tied up and surrounded by Lemons in a warehouse where his back claws, while two skulls are placed on his front claws. One of the lemons also fills him up with a liquid known as Allinol, which Simba thanks due to hearing that it is a renewable liquid. At that point, Leonard demonstrates the same kind of machine that Simba had seen on the oil platform, as Ludo shows that while it looks like a television camera, it actually generates an extremely strong electromagnetic pulse. To add to that,Ludo reveals that Allinol has one weakness; it explodes when coming into contact with an electromagnet pulse.

As the Allinol in Simba's organs begins to react,Gallaxthar tries to get answers from Simba about the photo that he took of the mastermind, asking him if he had given it to any of the guests at the ceremony while showing pictures of the ones Simba had spoken to. The moment Gallaxthar shows a picture of Gene, Simba unintentionally reacts with his eyes moving, to which Ludo is able to spot and figure out that Gene is the one with the photo. With that, the lemons carry out a plan to find and kill Gene and get rid of the photo, horrifying Simba due to knowing that Gene is unaware of this. Finally, Ludo puts the EMP emitter at full power, killing Simba as his body explodes into flames and blood.


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