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Yzma is the main villain from The Emperor's New Groove.

Yzma plays as The Dental Patient in Snow Dogs (PrinceBalto Style)

She is a dental patient

Yzma plays Yon-Rha's Mother in Avatar: The Last Airbender (PrinceBalto Human Style)

She is a cruel old woman

Yamz plays Shu Mai in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

Yzma plays Hama in Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

She is a cruel old waterbender

Yzma Played Granny Goodness In Superman: The Animated Series (PrinceBalto Human Style)

she is a villain

Yzma plays Miss Almira Gulch in The Wizard of Oz (CoolZDane Style)

Yzma plays The Old Hag in Fern White and the Seven Humonguses

She is a witch

Yzma plays Mrs. Fussy in Nala's Nest (aka Charlotte's Web)

She is a mother

Yzma plays Aunt Spiker in Wart and the Giant Peach

She is a woman

Yzma plays Roz in Toons, Inc. (Skymation2415 Productions), Studios, Inc. (Skymation2415 Production), and Characters, Inc. (Skymation2415 Production)

She is a slug

Yzma plays Lena Gogan in Wart's Jo-Adian

Yzma plays Gladys Sharp in Over the Mammals' Hedge

Yzma plays Ursula in The Little Arabian Princess and The Little Mer-Kiki

She is a sea witch

Yzma plays Mrs. Fieldmouse in Auroralina

She is a mouse

Yzma plays the Caterpillar in Santiago and Ana in Girlsland

She is a blue caterpillar

Yzma plays Tai Lung in Kung Fu Foxworth

She is a snow leopard

Yzma played Lila in Disney Sentai Timeranger

She is a Henchwoman of Don Dolnero.

Yzma played Nadira in Disney Rangers Time Force

She is the Daughter of Ransik

Yzma played Rattlesnake Jake in Pinky (Rango)

She is a rattlesnake

Yzma played Clotho in Kuzcocules

She is the sister of Maleficent and Ursula

Yzma played Mrs. Krum in Pines (Klaus)

Yzma played Abuelina Riviera in Mowgli and the Music of Mexico

She is a shoemaker and Tulio's garndmother who hates music