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The ZedEx Eperemental Reploid Operation Class #A113 Or Zero Is A Robot Manufactured By The ZedEx  Company In Tokyo Japan On May 30th 2996 With A Hard Drive,  A Back Up Unit, 2 Buzzers, An Oil Tank, A Boiler, And A 6404.5 Engine As Part Of The ZedEx Class Of Reploids Which Ran From 2996 To 3006 (10 Years).


Zero Can Act Very Cocky, Insulting, Disrespectful And A Bit Of A Know It All But Remains Loveable And Light Hearted. His Love Of Roasting, Partying, Dancing, Girls, And His Insane Hard Drive Of 1,251,839 Terabytes Of RAM. He Totally Hates It When People Think He Is Girl.


Zero Was Programed For Combat Against The Chinese Empire During World War III . He Slashed Storm Troopers Until He Discovered What Storm Troopers Were Used For, Which Were Anti Gravity Jeeps During The War. After The War The ZedEd Company Filed For Bankrupcty And Shut Down Production Of The Zero Models And Scrap Them All Together Making Zero The Last Model In Existence.


Zero Runs On Titanium Energy Oil From The Filler And Public Oil Company Which Had A PartnerShip With The ZedEx Company From 2995 To 3004.


The Titanium Oil Is A Redressed Coke Can

The Filler And Public Oil Company Is Owned By GoodYear

Zero's Model Number Is #100 And Is The 1st And Last Zero Model To Exist

The ZedEx Company Made A Total Of 1,000 Zero Models Before Filing For Bankrupcty

6404.5 Is The California No Smoking Rule

A113 Is A Class Room At CalArts Or The California Institue Of Art


A.I Age: 16

Height: 4'9

Weight: 260lbs

Year Of Production: 2996-3006

Place Of Manufacturing: Tokyo Japan

Hair Color: Blonde

He played Setsuna Meiou in Sailor Astro (DIC), Sailor Atom (VIZ), Sailor Atom Crystal and Tetsuwan Atomu (Sera Myu)