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Zeta is the main antagonist of Shimmer and Shine

She played Evil Queen (Hag) in Maggie White and the Seven Equestria Girls

She is a hag

She played Lord Dominator in Red Kirby over Yonder

She played Jafar in Wendyladdin and Wendyladdin: The Return of Zeta

She played Shere Khan in The Magic Book

She played Queen of Hearts in Hazel Charming in Hybridland and Tip in Wonderland

Zeta (with Lou) played Rex Dangervast in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (CharlieBrownandSci-TwiFans Style)

She played Raz in Toon Age 4: Continental Drift (Charlie BrownRockz), Peanuts Age 4: Continental Drift and Loud Age 4: Continental Drift

She played Matchmaker in Star vs. the Forces of Evil/Mulan

She played Zira in The Loud King II: Lincoln's Pride (1998), The Plumber King II: Mario's Pride (1998) and The Clyde King II: Clyde's Pride (1998)

She played Gabby Gabby in Toon Story 4 (Charlie BrownRockz) and Animation Story 4 (2019)


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