Zigzag is a royal grand vizier of King Nod, and the main antagonist in The Thief and The Cobbler.

Zigzag Played Ed in The Xiaolin King (Twilight'sSpaceStar17's Style)

He is a hyena

Zigzag Played Shan-Yu's Huntsman in Frankielan

He is one of Shan-Yu's elite huns

Zigzag Played one of the Pirates in Kimiko Pan, and Kimiko Pan 2: Return to Neverland

He is a pirate

Zigzag Played Jafar in Kirby's House of Villains

Zigzag Played one of Ratigan's Henchmen in The Great Pegasus Detective

He is a mouse

Zigzag Played Chief Blue Meanie in Yellow Submarine (Robin Trifunovski Style)

Zigzag played Pirate in SunBob ShimmerPants All the Glitters

Zigzag played Diego in The Magic Voyage (Jiminy Cricket Style)


Zigzag is played by Nightmare in The Princess and the Thief

Voice Actors:

  1. Vincent Price - English
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