Zoe in ZOOM
Zoe Isabelle Costello (born January 31, 1987 in Andover, Massachusetts) was a cast member on the seasons 1 and 2 of ZOOM.


Now she lives a quiet life in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Massachusetts, born to Alexander Steven Costello and Antoinette Marion Costello. She had an older sister named Alexandra Jane Costello, who now works as a homemaker.

Outfits she wore on ZOOM

Season 1

Zoe wore a plaid t-shirt over a purple one. She wore a Black Shirt over a White top during the "Language Nursery" Credits.

Season 2

Zoe wore a pink t-shirt and blue overalls with pink flowers embroidered.


  • In the introduction of the revived version of ZOOM, she was the first ZOOMer to introduce herself.
  • Zoe was the First ZOOMer to appear on Screen.
  • Zoe appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of the revived version of the show.
  • Zoe is allergic to latex. She couldn't participate in any games on ZOOM that involved latex.
  • One time, Zoe wore a red sweater jacket while playing Rhyme Time, a ZOOM game from season 2.
  • During her time on ZOOM Zoe had to take her glasses off during a sleepover skit with Caroline and when she had to dip her head into the water in the ZOOM game "Bobbing for Apples", and also in the season 2 game "Pick Up the Quarter".
  • Zoe, Caroline, Lynese, Aline, Kaleigh, Shing Ying, Cara and Keiko are the only original cast members who wore overalls on ZOOM.
  • Zoe attended NYU with her former co-star Alisa Besher. She now works as a producer.
  • Zoe is from an Irish or Italian family.
  • Zoe wears contacts now. She often wears her glasses. Zoe isn't the only cast member from ZOOM who wears glasses. There was Mike Hansen and Maya Morales.
  • In Season 2, Zoe's hair has pigtails that looked like Angelica from "Rugrats".
  • Zoe does the Clubbi Dubbi Workout Video.


  • In Kids World, she is played by Carmen
  • In Let's Do It!, she is played by Candance Flynn
  • In Oh Yeah Live-Action! She is played by ???
  • in the Kids, she is played by Mulan
  • in Fun all Day!, she is played by Tootie
  • In Kiddiegarten, she is played by Serena

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