Zygon is the main villain in Starchaser: The Legend of Orin.

Zygon played Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars (Oriana160 Style)

He is a sith lord

Zygon played Lickboot in Kovu and RJ: The Movie

He is an evil lawyer

Zygon Played Jafar In Anarioladdin and Anarioladdin II: The Return of Zygon

He is a sorcerer

Zygon played Ratigan in The Great Super Italian Detective

Zygon Played Syndrome In The Incredibles (160 Movie Style)

He is a super villian

Zygon played Thrax in Derek Jones

Zygon played Beetlejuice in Zygon (Beetlejuice)

Zygon played Mandark in Gus' Laboratory

Zygon played The Sheriff of Nottingham in Anario Hood

Zygon played Harry Pringle in Deadly Friend (PaddingtonandFernRockz Style)

He is Samantha's abusive and alcoholic father

Zygon played Calvius in The Hen Princess 2: Escape from Castle Mountain

Zygon played Percival C. McLeach in The Rescuers Down Under (??? Style)

Zygon played Drake in The Pebble and the Tourettes Guy

Zygon played Jack Torrance in

Zygon played Winterbolt in Chase and Tempe O'Kun's Christmas in July

Zygon played James in Pokémon (??? Style)

Zygon played himself in the Clash of the Links film series

Again, he is still the same character as he was in his own film and is still voiced by Anthony De Longis, but is now a friend to Edgar the butler and serves as a supporting villain.

Voice Actors

  1. Anthony De Longis - English


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